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The roundabout websites consist of the domains roundabouthoole.org.uk - roundaboutchester.co.uk and now incorporates www.hooleonline.co.uk etc.

The roundabout sites provide a comprehensive list of businesses, accommodation, shops, churches, sporting venues and events in the appropriate area. It is intended to market the local shop intended for local people. This will be accomplished by marketing to local householders as well as visitors. These sites will help the small businesses. Many people living in the area often forget the excellent service offered to them on  their doorstep.

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Residents associations and local matters

After attending a meeting of the Hoole, Upton and Newton residents association, I came to the conclusion if only a 100 or so of the many thousands of people living in those areas are giving their views and listening to the speakers, it is time to air the information here. Comments would be appreciated and the matters here are submitted as received and are not intended to be politically biased in any way. The writer was born in Hoole, went to school in Kingsway and was involved in Upton (dramatic society) before leaving for South Africa. On my return, a lot is the same, parking problems, fence problems, the rain and the nice gardens and parks. IT IS HOME!

I will just place information for you to browse from here and invite emails, letters, and maybe the odd chat and hopefully lots of help to keep this updated.


Upton Dramatic Society

Upton Dramatic Society website is well worth a look. Please try and support them.

You may visit  Upton Dramatic Society here.